Data Cleaning and Data Integration

The pillar to all successful business to business direct marketing lies in the quality, accuracy and completeness of the data you use. Never before has this been more important, especially when you take into consideration the worrying facts below:

  • Customer data decays an average of 30% per annum
  • 70% of businesses suffer from out-of-date and incomplete data
  • Poor quality customer data costs UK businesses, on average 5.9% of their annual revenue*
    (*Source: Royal Mail)

Poor quality data damages the perception of your products, services and reputation resulting in a devaluation of your brand. We offer a suite of highly cost-effective services designed to:

  • Audit the quality and accuracy of your data
  • Assist with data mapping to create a single customer view
  • Identify and remove duplicate records
  • Ensure compliance with current goneaway and suppression files
  • Consolidate fields so as to ensure that key demographic and transactional data is not lost
  • Improve personalisation and deliverability e.g. email validation
  • Augment segmentation

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